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Tramadol Online Europe - Can U Get Tramadol Online

  • Tramadol Online Europe - Can U Get Tramadol Online

    Our Dragonfly hotels based in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, King’s Lynn, Peterborough have announced an extensive refurbishment across all of our 241 bedrooms.

    Dragonfly Hotel King’s Lynn has completed the extensive refurbishment and you can now take advantage of our comfortable new rooms and communal areas.

    Investing in our hotels has one aim in mind and that is ‘A welcoming and comfortable stay for our guests’

  • The highlights of our refurbishment include:

    • 241 newly designed rooms with a modern stylish décor in shades of rust, copper and burnt orange.
    • Luxury King-size Hypnos beds have been chosen for each room. Award winning and designed to give a rejuvenating night’s sleep.
    • Hypnos beds use a blend of natural and sustainable fillings and an intelligent pocket spring system. Offering support for your back to ensure a comfortable sleep
    • Comfortable arm-chairs and practical working station with lamp and connection to complementary high speed WiFi.
    • An impressive 43” wall mounted Phillips flat screen Television where you can enjoy a multitude of Freeview channels at your leisure.
    • Tea and coffee making facilities as well as a convenient in room refreshment tray with purchasable snacks and drinks.
    • Freshly updated bathrooms.
    • Redesigned communal areas laid with new carpets lending a modern, contemporary setting.
    • Exciting new breakfast range with the launch of a new all day dining menu.
    • USB ports to easily charge your devices.
    • Free on-site parking
Afternoon Tea

Booked an Afternoon Tea as a birthday surprise for my daughter and her two sons, aged 6 and 9. O my word even my daughter said she had never had nothing like this before; she was blown away! The food was amazing, staff were very attentive and nothing was too much trouble. Made us all feel really special. Thank you to chef and all the team! Yum!