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Eating Out in King's Lynn

Our newly-opened restaurant, Barley + Graze, is the heart of the Dragonfly. We meld a relaxing atmosphere with our pick of freshly prepared dishes, from a menu of modern British classics and internationally-inspired favourites. Ingredients are always seasonal and locally sourced where possible. The airy conservatory dining room, bathed in natural light, is an enticing spot for an unhurried three-course meal, while the stylish bar beckons with your favourite tipple – and if you’re lucky, your favourite team on the big screen. Whatever the time of day, you’ll always find a cosy corner at Barley + Graze, perfect to unwind with coffee and cake for that feet-up feeling.

Afternoon Tea

Booked an Afternoon Tea as a birthday surprise for my daughter and her two sons, aged 6 and 9. O my word even my daughter said she had never had nothing like this before; she was blown away! The food was amazing, staff were very attentive and nothing was too much trouble. Made us all feel really special. Thank you to chef and all the team! Yum!